Pavel Krymov. Business partner of Igor Mazepa

Pavel Krymov (used names Pavlo or Pavel Krementsov, Yakimenko) is internationally wanted financial criminal and swindler.

Born in Zaporozhje in Ukraine, moving from country to country , he is suspected and accused to be an organizer and the beneficiary of over forty scam projects and financial pyramids in former USSR countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, a number of the European states and also countries of Asia. The estimation of these frauds is about 516 000 victims only in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and billions of dollars of stolen funds.

 Over $29 millions of the clients funds have been personally appropriated by Pavel Krymov in the year 2015  as result of his longest and most large-scale scam Forex Trend, which pretended to be a forex broker and "offered" a trading and investment management to its customers in the years 2011-2015.

The loudest and large-scale financial pyramids of Krymov are

  • Questra World
  • A.G.A.M.
  • Forex Trend
  • Panteon Finance
  • Private FX (Forex Trend 2.0)
  • Prime broker
  • Solvena.
In order to manipulate the public opinion and the investors community he put in service a network of internet blogs and forums. In 2014 he became an owner of the large russian speaking internet Forum MMGP.RU where he promoted his projects using multiple fake accounts.

A few years ago, despite a set of direct proofs of his fault and thanks to multiple bribes, Pavel Krymov could avoid the criminal penalty in Ukraine. However, due to the constant appeals to the state authorities and  increasing complaints from the deceived investors, Krymov has been forced to flee and hideout in Riga (Latvia) where he has registered his last company Solvena, based on the "Cryptocurrecy legend"

 On February 6,2018 at the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Pavel Krymov has been detained bu the border police at the request of criminal police of Kazakhstan. The department of internal affairs of RK incriminates him cases on Section 190/4 of Criminal Code of Kazakhstan (large scale fraud). For the committed financial crimes threatens him up to 10 years of imprisonment.