Relations between Igor Mazepa and swindler Pavel Krymov

In spring 2015 after crash and insolvency of his scam Forex Trend, Pavel Krymov offered Igor Mazepa to join a new project as a main shareholder.

The business model was simple and ruthless. Forex trend owed to the thousands of depositors and investors  millions of US dollars. Most part of these people had lost their last money, had sold their apartments, had taken loans or had put all their savings into "profitable forex broker" Forex Trend. These people would be ready to have their money returned at any cost. With the right marketing this thousands crowd would be turned into the new customers base ready-to-use.  However, deceived people would never trust again without a strong guarantee of a business personality such as Mazepa.

So Igor Mazepa became a major beneficiary and shareholder of a new Krymov's project Forex Trend 2.0. The new company called Private FX  inherited everything from the old scam Forex Trend wrapped in a new packaging. Mode of operation, web platform, transaction algorithm and essentially customer base didn't cost Mazepa anyting! Even the trade terminal MT4 was inherited from the old company! Krymov needed only Mazepa's name aganst the major stake in Private FX

On February 6,2018 at the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Pavel Krymov has been detained bu the border police at the request of criminal police of Kazakhstan. The department of internal affairs of RK incriminates him cases on Section 190/4 of Criminal Code of Kazakhstan (large scale fraud). For the committed financial crimes threatens him up to 10 years of imprisonment.

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Below are the proofs of the connection between Igor Mazepa and international financial criminal Pavel Krymov

Year 2014 ( Forex Trend time)
Official document names Pavel Krymov as Director of Skopalino Finance

In January 2017, after the crash of Private FX,  Skopalino Finance was renamed Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd., and joined the Concorde Capital group of Igor Mazepa


 Press release on the Official site of Concorde Capital dated February 2017
(in Russian language)


Official note of a fine to Pavel Krymov.
In November 2017 he is still mentioned as Shareholder of Skopalino Finance!



Licence suspention of Concorde Investment

Concorde capital said, that Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd had a suspension due to a mamagement change. That means Mazepa is trying to clean up tracks. Obviously this suspension resulted to this  ridiculous $10000 fine to Krymov above.

All this proves that Pavel Krymov remains a close partner of Igor Mazepa. Both have stolen more than $ 10 million of the Private FX customers. Despite hundreds of claims, Igor Mazepa remains unpunished because of his close friendship with the Ukranian president Petro Poroshenko.